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 Extremely Rare Canadian Goose By Nate Quillen

A Rig Mate To This Goose Sold At Auction For $8800 In 1988

The History Of John Jones And Nate Quillen Collection

Featured In The Book By The Late William A. Stout

“Saginaw Bay Waterfowl Hunting and Decoy Carvers”



1.       Canada Goose- Nate Quillen 1839-1908 Rockwood, MI. Nate was a guide and carver for the point Movillee Hunt Club on Lake Erie. The structure on this bird is 100%. Tack eyes hollow decoy with thin bottom board. This goose is a combination of original and working overpaint. A rig mate to this old fellow sold at auction in the late 80’s for over $9,000. This fine decoy is one of the rarest geese to be found in the Midwest.

2.       Canada goose by Madison Mitchell Harve De Grace, Maryland. Solid body, original paint. Separation on body and neck, body crack along entire length of back. C. 1950’s.

3.       Brant by Wild Fowler Decoy Factory. Solid Balsa body, original paint, hairline crack in head, stamp on bottom of decoy. Nice decoy with pleasing paint. C. 1940’s. Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

4.       Black duck by Mason Decoy Factory, Detroit MI. Premier grade, hollow decoy in original paint. A nice example of Mason’s work. Professional tail repair. C. 1915-1920.

5.       Mallard Drake by Mason Decoy Factory. Detroit, MI. Premier grade, hollow decoy with a combination of original and working overpaint. Repaired tail chip and seam separation. C. 1920-1925.

6.       Mallard Hen by Evans Decoy Factory Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Mammoth grade, solid body, original paint. Factory stamp on bottom of bird. Wear around top of head and tail, several body checks. This is one of the early birds. C. 1930’s.

7.       Mason Decoy Mason Decoy Factory, Detroit, MI. Restored Detroit grade. Glass eye, solid body C. 1910.

8.       Bluebill Drake Mason Decoy Factory. Detroit, MI. Detroit grade glass eye, solid body, original paint. Replaced eyes, worn paint on head and sides of decoy, Neck filler missing. C. 1910.

9.       Pintail Hen, Evans Decoy Factory Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Standard grade, solid body, original paint. Factory stamp on bottom. Evan’s Pintails are hard to find, this is a nice example. Worn paint on head, tail and sides of decoy. C. 1930’s.

10.   Black duck. Unknown carver. Lake St. Clair hollow body. Replaced head, restored paint.

11.   Ring bill, identified on bottom as early. Tan Brunet, Galliano, C. 1930’s. Original paint, solid body. Nice example from the Bayou. Minor chipping on tail. A very Folky bird.

12.   Canvasback Drake, Mason Decoy Factory. Detroit, MI. Premier grade, hollow body, original paint. C. 1910. It appears that the bird was overpainted on back and taken down to original. Paint loss on breast, back and tail.

13.   Wood duck by, Mason Decoy Factory Detroit, MI. Solid body, restored paint, This little fellow was probably a Bluebill at one time. C. 1910.

14.   Pintail Drake, Mason Decoy Factory Detroit, MI. Premier grade, hollow decoy, original paint. This was an early example by Mason. Wear on breast sides, and back of decoy. Head appears to have been touched up. C. 1905.

15.   Mallard Drake Mason Decoy Factory Detroit, MI. Challenge grade, solid body, original paint. Nice decoy, minor wear on sides. And small repair on tail chip. C. 1910.

16.   Pintail Drake. Will Sterling, Crisfield Maryland. Solid body, combination of original and working paint. Bill Repair, C. 1920’s.

17.   Mallard Drake by, Jack Young or family. Son of Paul Young, famous fly rod maker. Restored paint, hollow body. Detroit Mason head. A nice pleasing decoy by one of the “Great Masters”. C. 1920’s.

18.   Black Duck unknown MI maker. Solid body, original paint. Nice oversize decoy. Ben Schmidt influence. C. 1940’s.

19.   Redhead Hen by Ben Schmidt Centerline, MI. Original paint, solid body, stamped feathering on sides of body. This decoy was made in the 1940’s. During the time when many of his birds were sold to the Hundson Store.

20.   Mallard Drake by Frank Schmidt Centerline, MI. Solid body, original paint. This is a very good example of a mallard drake by Frank. Overall, nice, clean bird with dry paint. C. 1940’s.

21.   Unpainted Diver by Ben Schmidt Centerline MI. Hollow Body, paint absent, several body checks. C. 1930’s.

22.   Canvasback Drake, Werts Family? Solid body, original paint, Nick Purdo head. Crack in base of head. Lake St. Clair, C. 1940’s.

23.   Canvasback Hen, Werts Family? Solid body, original paint, Nick Purdo head. Lake St. Clair C. 1940’s.

24.   Redhead Drake, Ben Schmidt Centerline, MI. Solid body, original paint, feather stamping on sides of body. Minor wear on sides of decoy. C. 1940’s.

25.   Coot Decoy, Ben Schmidt Centerline, MI. Solid body, original paint. “Hi” Dalka brand on bottom. Very nice example of a Schmidt Coot. One paint chip on lower side of decoy. C. 1930’s- 1940’s.

26.   Hen Eider by O.L. Crowell. Original paint, solid body. Name stamped on bottom of bird. C. 1970’s-1980’s.

27.   Canvasback Drake, by Gus Moak Tustin, Wisconsin. 1852-1942. Hollow Decoy, original paint, slightly turned head. C. 1920’s. Gus is considered one of the “Premier” carvers in Wisconsin. Coat of white overpaint removed from back of bird. Slight wear to end of tail and bill.

28.   Wood Duck Drake by Mason Decoy Factory. Solid body, restored paint. Body most likely a Detroit grade diver decoy. C. 1910.

29.   Coot Decoy by Evans Decoy Factory Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Solid body. Combination of working and original overpaint. C. 1930’s.

30.   Bluebill Drake by D. Rhodes. C. 1975. Solid body, original paint. Midwest.

31.   Bluebill hen by D. Rhodes. C. 1975. Solid body, original paint-Midwest. D. Rhodes name and year are on both decoys.

32.   Bluewing Teal Drake by Evan’s Decoy Factory Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Solid decoy, Combination of original and working overpaint. Total back of decoy repainted. Original Evans’ stamp on bottom. C. 1930’s.

33.   Redhead Drake by Castle Haven Club. Hollow Decoy, Combined original paint. C. 1970’s -1980’s.

34.   Redhead Drake Ontario. Hollow body, combination of working and original overpaint. Early Harrington Walker brand on bottom along with the famous “Hi” Dalka Brand. Very nice early example from the Lake St. Clair flats. C. 1910.

35.   Redhead Drake Tom Chambers, Long Point, Ontario. Hollow decoy, mostly original paint with a coat of light black on back of decoy.

36.   Canvasback Drake Tom Chambers Long Point, Ontario. Hollow body, strong original paint, appears to be “long body” brand on bottom. AH – Buhl

37.   Redhead Drake Tom Chambers Long Point, Ontario. Hollow body, original paint, wear on back and minor rub on head. “Thomas Chambers Maker” branded on bottom of bird.

38.   Black Duck Thomas Chambers Long Point, Ontario. Hollow body, all of body repainted with touch up to top of head. Brand on bottom Harrington Walker.

39.   Bluebill Hen George Warin, Ontario. Solid body, original paint, one third of bill has been replaced. Very old bird with provenance on five owners from 1879-1944.

40.   Black Duck Tom Chambers Long Point, Ontario. Hollow body, combination of original and working overpaint. Three Quarters of bill replaced.

50. Pintail Hen by Wild fowler Factory Old Saybrook, CT. Solid body, original paint with wear to back of decoy and top of head. C. 1940’s.

51. Pintail Drake by Wildfowler Decoy Factory Old Saybrook, CT. Solid body, original paint with paint wear to left side of decoy and top of head. C. 1940’s.

52. Mallard Drake by Ben Schmidt Centerline, MI. Two piece body, hollow, original paint with keel. Original paint with wear to back and top of head. Very nice, early example of Schmidt’s work. C. 1910.

53. Mallard Drake Robert Elliston, Bureau, IL. Hollow decoy, restored paint and bill repair. C. 1910.

54. Bluebill Hen by Hans Bolte 1976 Detroit, MI. Solid body, original paint. Han’s was one of Michigan’s premiere contemporary carvers.

55. Mallard Drake. Full bodied field Decoy. Hollow body, original paint from California. C. 1970’s.

56. Bluebill Hen “Doc” Baumgardner, Houghton Lake, MI. Solid body, original paint with shot scars and wear on top of head. C. 1940’s.

57. Bluebill Drake “Doc” Baumgardner, Houghton Lake, MI. Solid body, mostly original paint with hunter touch up. Crack in bill, minor wear on top of head. C. 1940’s.

58. Mallard Drake, Hay Decoy Factory Jefferson, MO. Strong , dry original paint. Body check on left side of decoy and minor wear spot on right. This decoy was never rigged for hunting and a nice example from the Hays Factory. C. 1930’s.

59. Bluebill Hen Ohio. Branded on bottom, DWB. Solid body, original paint. Chipping paint on top front of decoy and wear on left side of head. Very old decoy that dates back to the

60. Canvasback Drake Frank Schmidt Detroit, MI. Solid body, mostly original paint with hunter touch up to back of bird. Four or five body checks on back. Original keel and line tie. C. 1930’s. Paint loss on back of decoy.

61. Pintail Drake by Paw Paw Bait Co. , MI. Solid body, original paint with touchup on breast of bird. C. 1940’s.

62. Mallard Hen Mason Decoy Factory Detroit, MI. Detroit grade, glass eye, solid body, original paint. Overall a nice decoy with minor chipping of paint on back of bird and neck. C. 1905-1910.

63. Black Duck Ontario, Canada. Original paint and solid body. Scratch painting, C. 1930’s.

64. Canada Goose by Guthrie. 2002. Solid body, original paint, Over twenty-six inches long. Nice blend of paint and tail carving.

65. Mallard Hen field decoy. Hollow body, original paint. California C. 1970’s.

66. Redhead Drake Ralph Johnson. Lake St. Clair, MI. Solid body, original paint, minor paint flaking on back. C. 1950’s.

67. Mallard drake Randy Tull. Original paint, solid body. Special Edition for Ducks Unlimited. 2000.

More Inventory.......

6 Glass Minnow Traps

5 Tin Bait Boxes

4 Cricket Cages

4 Tackle Boxes

9 Spear Heads

6 Spears

1 Gaff

Aporx 50 Spearing Decoys

19 Carved Fish by Aho and Others

Vintage Fishing Lures

Wolf Pelt

8 C.C Vases

2 C.C Covered Bowls

1 C.C Jigging Stick

13 C.C Carvings With Boxes

1 C.C Lady Buggum

1 C.C Tackle Box

1 C.C Purse

9 Fly Rods

12 Wooden Ammo Boxes

2 Wicker Fish Creels

1 Pair Of Norway Maine Snowshoes

C-I-L 22cal Ammo Display Box

Vintage Hunting Tags

4 Powder Flasks

19 Game Calls

7 Vintage Fishing Reels With Leather Cases

4 Wooden Shotgun Cleaning Rods

F.A Seeds Gun Care Pak

34 Boxes Of Shotgun Shells

Vintage Kayak Paddle

3 Hercules Powder Tins

Hi-Score Powder Tin

Saginaw Bay Hunting Book

Dresser & Jillson 4inch 1857 Muskrat or Mink Trap.

25 Sheath Knives, American, German, Japanese.

30 Pocket knives, Old Timer, Wards, Imperial

Carl Christianson Walking Stick

Native American Plaster Head Piece;

Native American Blanket; Rug;

Native American Basket;

4 Ben Schmidt 1970 Catalogs;

Badger Pelt


1.       20 ga Browning over/under, lightning, light wear, 2 & 3/4 , Single trigger

2.       LeFever Nitro Special, 410 ga, side x side. Clean, double trigger, A 261499

3.       Browning 12 ga over/under single trigger, 2 & 3/4 , Vent rib

4.       Westley Richards & Co. London VonLengerke & Antoine Chicago Agents, T6144, 12 ga, Single shot trap gun

5.       Charles Caly 12 ga 2 ¾ single shot gun. 350685

6.       Winchester Mdl 12, 12 ga, pump. 1107462

7.       Wincheater Mdl 12, 16 ga, pump. 542968 Vent rib

8.       Winchester Mdl 12, 20 ga, pump 1658982

9.       Ithaca Mdl Mag 10, 10 ga, Semi-auto 3 ½  1000  49493


1.       Remington 1903, A1, cal 30-06, missing floor plate screw, between WW1 & 2, Ser#3212254, RA Barrell3-42, Pistol grip stock

2.       Enfield 1917 mdl, 30-06 cal, Winchester Manufacturer, Win barrel 9-18, Orig blue, Ser# 440382

3.       Springfield Armory MI Grand, 30-06 cal, Ser# 1005195From CMP civilian marksmanship program w/ papers & box.

4.       Enfield 1917, 30-06 cal, Winchester manuf., Win barrel 1-18 Orig blue, CMP rifle w/ box, Ser# 135436

5.       Springfield Armory, 1903 mdl, Mark I, 30-06, CMP box, 1040472, HS High standard barrel, 5-44 Barrel date, Straight grip stock.

6.       Rock Island Arsenal, Mdl 1903, 30-06 cal, Ser# 421483, CMP Springfield barrel 4-37, Straight stock w/ finger groove forearm, arsenal repaired upper handguard, stampe forward swing swivel, stacked swivel.

7.       Springfield Armory 1903, Ser# 1405159, 30-06 cal, re-barrell 11-42, CMP, Spring barrel, pakerized, pistol grip.

8.       Springfield Armory 1903, Ser# 1459872, 30-06 cal, SA barrel, re-barrell, cracked upper, scant pistol grip, partial parkerized, CMP.

9.       Remington Mdl 513-T, Matchmaster, 22CK, US Property stamps, heavy barrel, Ser# 68588, CMP, Redfield adjustable peep, Anisten stamping.

10.   Stevens Savage Mdl 84C, 22CR, mag, Ser NS, Cracked stock

11.   Sporterized Mouser, Varmit 220 swift, OH Elliot & Co. barrel, Jaeger trigger, Redfield 1 piece base, Westener 8x Scope. Adjustable

12.   Custom Mauser, 250-3000 Savage, Ser# 171936, CR, Peterson & Son, Leupold Base, Leupold 4x 08771 scope

13.   Westernfield SB 712, 30-30, Bolt, Drop box mag, cut stock A321368

14.   Ccustom mauser, 219 Donaldson Wasp, RK Nelson barrel, 30-30 Brass, Mashburn adjustable trigger, unertl, bench rest varmit rifle, CZ action 2371Ml Brno pre WW2, Bull.

15.   Chinese SKS, Vietnam Trophy rifle, 7.62 x 39, Semi, No import stamps, cruciform bayonette, Ser# 11334543, replacement stock & sleeve.

16.   Brazilian Mauser, Mdl 08/34.30, 30-06, Ser# 5072, Brazilian crest on receiver ring.

17.   Indian Enfield, 7.62 308, Bolt drop mag, Ser# 43034, 1965 SMLE type stock.

18.   Argintine Mauser, Mdl 1891 7.65 Argentine crest, Belin, DWM Ser C5106, Straight stock, no import stamp, Calvary Carbine.

19.   Winchester Mdl 94, 1922, 30 WCF Lever , Oct barrellSer 914926, Redfield micro peep sight, marbles rear filler

20.   Savage Fox, Mdl BSE, single trigger, vent rig, 3” c, side x side

21.    Browning A-5 , 12 ga  19” barrel, cyl bare, cut down, ser# 1853016, Browning buttplate, Suicide safety.

22.    Remington Mdl Auto 12ga, Ser 61151, 1906 production, 18.5” barrel- 351/4” all whip it.

23.   Ruger Bisely, Single six .32 H & R Mag, 6.5 “ barrel, fluted cylinder, fixed sights, original shipping box, 1986

24.   Colt, 1911 WW1 commemorative  second battle of marne45, serial# 3061-M2, w/ commemorative box.

25.   Smith & Wesson Mdl 25-2, 6.5” pinned barrel, 45cal, N377319, six st, target trigger & hammer single & double

26.   Walther P38, 9mm, mdl ac41, ser# 1384D, matching numbers except magazines, w/ orig hardshell holster, extra clip, Nazi logo.

27.   Japanese Nambu, Mdl 94, cal 8mm Nambu, holster, ser# 45781 prodate 18.12 manufactures marks extra mags.

28.   Japanese Nambu  Mdl type 14, 8mm Nambu, Big trig guard, Ser# 8595 Mfg date 17.8 orig grips, missing safety lever.

29.   WW1 Mauser, GEW98 Bayonette, Leather sheath Alex Copel Solingen, Unit# on hand guard 43-R1213

Eibar Zabala 410 Side x Side Double Trigger

Remington 28ga Mdl 1100

WW2 Japanese Rifle

Winchester 20ga Side x Side Double Trigger







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